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Celtic Harp, Word and Song

Programmes together with Celtic harpist and singer, Cecilia Unsworth, of ancient and modern music, story and verse with songs in English, lowland Scots and Gaelic.  Selection according to the situation, sittingroom or public space.

Around the Islands  

Songs, poems and stories from the islands, where the land meets the sea. The programme has a bit of everything: moving, interesting and funny, with chances to join in with the singing. 


Voices of Celtic Women

An interactive programme of ancient and modern music, story and verse with songs in English, lowland Scots and Gaelic. The focus of the programme is the many faces of women in Celtic folklore and song, ranging from the lullabies and ballads where we hear of women's troubles, hopes and longings, to the energy-giving working songs which accompanied daily activities

This programme  was developed in cooperation with the VHS Herten in the context of the Women's Cultural Festival in Herten


Creative Reading Workshop   Old Wine and New

Eighteen people from almost as many different countries gathered for a workshop, organised by Jimmy Brown of the English-speaking Ecumenical Congregation at the Pauluskirche in the middle of Bochum's shopping centre, exploring stories from the Old and New Testament through drama. 


Speech and Drama Project Bochum   Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas

Six players, three women and three men from all walks of life, gave a workshop-style performance as the culmination of this six-month project directed by Tessa.  Please get in touch if you are interested in future workshops and projects, including A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, and works by Shakespeare, TS Eliot, Dylan Thomas, Thornton Wilder and others, or devised presentations involving poetry and contemporary text, e.g. Oliver Sacks.